Negatives For Sale

Dear Friends

For decades I photographed with film. In the last few years everyone has gone digital and so have I. For over thirty years I have been a keeper of negatives and now digital files. When I moved to Hawaii I brought the negatives as I promised to keep them. Many clients have purchased their negative files and are so glad they did. It touched me to hear from parents how pleased and thankful their children were to receive their wedding negative as a gift. Now many years after their wedding they could afford to make other enlargements, wall portraits and to know their wedding images are safely in their keeping. Hardly a week goes by without someone contacting me about his or her negatives.

I would like my clients to have their negatives from their wedding day or portrait session so you can save them for your use or future needs. I had said for years that to purchase the wedding negatives would be $1.00 times the number of images in your wedding story and that concept still applies to smaller weddings. We are offering the wedding negatives from all day weddings for $150.00 or less. I say less as some weddings that I photographed had 75 to 200 negatives, so smaller assignments would be $100.00 or less. If you refer my services to a friend for their wedding and I photograph the wedding your wedding negatives are free. All portrait sessions are just $20.00 for the negatives that were ordered from or we were asked to retain. This offer applies to negatives only and not to digital files.

There is no sales tax but there is a small charge for shipping.

We are enjoying Hawaii, our grandson and being semi-retired. I am available for photography in Hawaii. We reside on the big island of Hawaii in Hilo. I do assignments in both Hilo and Kona. If you are coming to the island of Hawaii and would like a new portrait I would be pleased to photograph you again.