Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions

Willis Preston Campbell’s wedding photography style has been described as alive and sensitive, for the photographs transport the bride and groom back to their wedding day. Wills works quickly and quietly on the wedding day, never interfering with the flow of the day, your guests or you. His calming presence will keep you relaxed and enjoying your special day. His style is one in which love, romance and elegance meets with technical expertise.

Q.  How long has Willis Preston Campbell been photographing?

A.  Willis Preston Campbell has been photographing professionally for over thirty years. He enjoys doing wedding photography and it shows!

Q.  What kind of camera is used?

A.  Willis Preston Campbell uses the Canon digital camera and lenses. He has two 5D cameras that he brings to your wedding. The 5D is a full frame digital camera creating a 35 mg file from each exposure. Willis Preston Campbell has five Canon lenses from the 17mm to the 300mm. These lenses will give the bride and groom great coverage and variety in their wedding photographs.

Q.  How would you describe the style of Willis Preston Campbell’s work?

A.  His style is a mixture of the photojournalism, candid and traditional. He captures the moments as they unfold in the wedding day and adapts his abilities to the desires of the couple. He looks for the spontaneous moments in the day. He is very unobtrusive, working quickly and quietly, in the posing of a group or of the couple. He knows what to do in the events of the day and what is best for the moment. This allows the couple to be at ease and their interaction to spontaneous and real.

Q.  How can I see more samples of your work?

A.  I am happy to meet with you or discuss by phone your wedding thoughts and plans. I, also, can send you a password to a recent wedding or some jpg. showing something you are wondering about.

Q.  How can I reserve your services for my wedding day?

A.  Please call me first at 888-425-5700 or 808-959-6800 to be sure your day is available. You may use a credit card to reserve your date.

Q.  Do I have to pay everything up front?

A.  No, there are 2 payments for the services. One half reserves the date and the other half on or before the wedding day.

Q.  Do you offer specials or discounts?

A.  Yes. The Special Wedding Offer on the website provides you additional services at no charge as a thank you for using my services. Click the Wedding Photography page or the Home page to view the gifts. In addition various Hilo merchants have available at their shop a $100 off wedding photography coupon, which you can apply to a wedding plan of two hours of more.

Q.  Do you make Black and White or Sepia images?

A.  Yes. I will convert the camera files into a black and white or sepia image files.

Q.  Do you make tinted or partially colored images?

A. Yes! With the Photoshop program I can selectively color part of the image or tint the whole image or make a combination of both techniques. There is a small charge of $10 per image for most colorings.

Q. What is the distance that you will travel for a wedding?

A. My services are available for the entire island of Hawaii, the state of Hawaii and the western United States.