Corporate Events

Need a special event photographer? Look no further. Willis Preston Campbell has been covering corporate events, doing executive portraits, recording staff and group photos and making holiday parties memories for years. During a corporate function he unobtrusively photographs the awards ceremony or corporate party. When working with your group, staff or executive, he will quickly and professionally photograph them.


Corporate & Event Photography Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you photograph corporate events?
A. In 25 years I have photographed many corporate groups and parties. Among the clients I have photographed are Sun Microsystems, Apple, IBM, Frito Lay, Mother’s Cookies, Seagate Technology, and Pacific Bell, Center for Disease Control, Errickson, Surf Control, Calpine and Sacred Heart Community Service. These assignments range from groups off site to anniversary and holiday parties for hundreds of their employees.
Q. Do you make executive headshots?
A. Yes, I do business portraits. This can be done on location or at your corporate office.
Q. Will you photograph corporate executives on location?
A. Yes I do lots of location work. Some times I bring a portrait background and lighting equipment to make a studio at the on site location. Other times the client desires a natural look within their environment. By coming to your site time is saved for the executives involved. Photographing on location is a specialty of Willis Preston Campbell.
Q. Do you corporate report photography?
A. Yes, I have.
Q. What do you offer in terms of digital files for a client?
A. I sell small and high-resolution digital files with reproduction rights. I use Photoshop to enhance and make changes as necessary to the images and set the desired DPI and file size. Some clients want to view digital files on site and I can do that and down load directly to my laptop for viewing and editing.
Q. What size of groups have you photographed?
A. I usually get asked to do groups of 15 to 40 people. I have done groups as large as 200 and as small as 2 people.
Q. Have you covered award presentations?
A Yes I often cover the presentation of awards at a conference, a dinner or special event.
Q. How do you photograph parties and social mixing times?
A. I handle these usually like a wedding reception. I mingle in the crowd looking for interesting pictures of people talking, interacting and enjoying themselves. This service is handled by the time and materials method.
Q. Do you do corporate Christmas parties?
A. Yes I offer candid and portrait service for your corporate event. I have photographed hundreds of couples in an evening for their holiday party and they receive a portrait package of 5×7’s and wallet images. The other style of coverage is the candid mixing among the guests from which 4×6 prints are made to share with the participants.
Q. Can our group pictures have the meeting date and information added?
A. Yes I can add the date, location and meeting purpose to be printed into your finished photographs.