Q. I have never had my child photographed before. How do I go about it?
A. I like to schedule an appointment for you and your child to meet me. Often a new experience for a child causes them to act shy and withdrawn, so a pre-portrait visit is beneficial.
Q. At what age do you recommend getting a child’s portrait created?
A. Children make wonderful portraits at any age. Babies can be photographed at a month or older and are special around six months. It is then that they can grab their feet and sit up by themselves. Many people like to have their child photographed around their birthday at every year. Four and five year olds are another great age. They have developed into their personality, have a good enough attention span and they are still adorable. People often celebrate First Communion, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, Graduation. Any time is the right time in a child’s life for a memorable portrait.
Q. What clothing do you recommend to wear?
A. The clothing should be simple and flattering to the child. I recommend solids over patterns and strips. Depending on the style of the portrait and background setting, I will suggest some colors that will create a wonderful portrait.
Q. How long will the portrait take?
A. I allow a half hour to an hour for the session and find that it varies as to the child’s responsiveness. As parents we are looking for that great smile that depicts the child. I work in a session until we have many good selections to present you.
Q. What if my child is having a bad, non-smiling day?
A. If I am not getting the expressions that are desired, I will have you reschedule for another day.
Q. Do you have children’s portrait packages?
A. Yes, I have a children’s special that runs all year long. Portrait sessions start at $35 for the one outfit session and $65 for two outfits or two backgrounds. Our packages begin at just $125 for three combinations. You may also order single prints and wall portraits.
Q. What time of day should I have my child photographed?
A This usually is in the morning as between 10:00am and 10:30am. I ask you to decide when your child is at his or her best, and schedule that time.
Q. Do you do first communion pictures?
A. Yes. These are usually done at the church. This is a special day for a youngster.
Q. Will you photograph a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?
A. I have helped many families over the years celebrate this event in their son or daughters lives. I make portraits of the parents, children, grandparents and aunts and uncles. The services are shot from the rear of the synagogue and the reception is covered as a candid event.